Engine Keyword Alternative time step calculation method for shell elements which results in a lower more accurate time step than the default calculation method.



Δ T sca Δ T min


Data Description SI Unit Example
Keyword3 Time step control type:
Elements are switched to small strain formulation to maintain the constant time step Δ T min .
Only valid for certain values of Ismstr as defined in element properties.
The element which is controlling the time step is removed, so the constant time step, Δ T min can be maintained.
The run will stop if the time step reaches Δ T min and a restart file will be written.
Δ T sca Scale factor on time step.

Default = 0.9

Δ T min Minimum time step.  


  1. This option activates a lower and thus more conservative time step calculation method for shell elements; otherwise, this option is identical to /DT/SHELL.