Optimization Keyword This keyword constrains a design response by specifying its lower and upper bounds. The response is defined by a /DRESP1 entry.


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resp_ID cmin cmax          


Field Contents SI Unit Example
con_ID Design constraint identifier.

(Integer > 0)

title Title.

(Character, maximum 100 characters)

resp_ID Optimization response identifier defined on /DRESP1 card.

(Integer > 0)

cmin Lower bound on the constrained response.


cmax Upper bound on the constrained response.




  1. Constraint bounds of zero should be avoided. Unnecessary bounds should be left blank. For example, the lower bounds on von Mises stress should be left blank, not zero. If a bound of zero is input, the bounds will be changed to 1.0E-7 for lower bounds and -1.0E-7 for upper bounds. This will remove numerical difficulties and cause the constraints to be ignored unless the response is close to zero.
  2. This entry is represented as an optimization objective in HyperMesh and HyperCrash.