VolDisplay ()

Set the options for volume display.


VolDisplay( model = None,
                     display = None,
                     display_type = None,
                     transparency = None,
                     transparency_level = None,
                     color = None )


The name of the model entity.
display (boolean)
A flag for turning on/off the display of volume. If this flag is True the volume will be displayed.
display_type (string)
Type of the volume display (Solid, Outline, Wireframe).
transparency (boolean)
A flag for turning on/off the transparency of volume.
transparency_level (real)
Level of the volume transparency.
color (list)
The color of the volume.

Return Value



The model must be one of the defined models.

The display_type and transparency_level must be defined.

The color must be a List of three numbers between zero and one.


This routine sets the options for volume display. Display options are given by display, display_type, transparency, transparency_level and color. For example,
VolDisplay( model='Fluid', display = False, color = [0,1,1] )