AcuSolve Launch Settings

After meshing the model and setting the boundary conditions the model setup is ready for solving.

The solver can be launched by clicking Tools > AcuSolve or by clicking the icon.

Below is a list of the parameters and their descriptions in launching AcuSolve.
Problem Name
Specifies the name of the problem. All of the files during the solutions are created based on this name.
Problem Directory
Specifies the directory in which the input files for the problem are present.
Working directory
Specifies the directory in which the solution files are written.
Solver Modules
Specifies the type of solvers to be run. Solver modules include Prep, View, Solve, Prep-Solve and all.
Performs only the pre-processing of the model using AcuPrep module.
Performs only pre-processing of radiation parameters using the AcuView module.
Performs only the solver module of AcuSolve.
Performs the pre-processing of the flow parameters and solves the problem.
Performs all the modules of pre-processing and solving modules.
User Library list
If the simulation uses a user-defined function (UDF) then the name of compiled file should be placed for this parameter.
User argument list
Specifies the list of arguments to be passed on to the User Library list.
Number of Processors
Specifies the number of processors for running the problem.
Generate AcuSolve input files
Flag specifying whether or not to generate the input files.
Launch AcuSolve
Flag specifying whether or not to launch the solving process.
Run on remote host
Flag to specify whether to run on remote host/cluster.
In AcuSolve a simulation can be restarted from a previous solution by using the Restart tab in the Launch AcuSolve dialog. A description of the parameters for restart analysis is provided below.
From problem
Name of the problem from which restart has to be initiated.
From directory
Directory in which the previous solution files are present.
From run
Specifies the number of the run from which restart has to be initiated. A value of zero uses the last run available.
From time step
Specifies the time step from which the run has to be initiated. A value of zero uses the last available time step.
Reset time step
Flag specifying whether the time step numbering should be followed from the previous solution.
Reset time increment
Flag specifying whether to use the time increment from the previous problem. Using on uses the time increment mentioned in the present run.