Create Zone Mesh Entity

The pipe example will again be used to demonstrate the usage of a spherical zone mesh refinement.

  1. To create a new zone mesh attribute, right-click on Zone Mesh Attributes under Global and select New.
    Once a new zone mesh attribute is created, zone mesh types appear. Different inputs are required to construct the primitive shape of the various refinement region types. For a spherical zone, the center of the sphere and its radius are required.
  2. Click Open Array.
    For the case of a sphere, this array defines the center of the sphere (Center array).
In the Spherical Zone panel, the Radius is set to 0.01m and the Mesh size is set to 0.0015m. The center of the sphere is kept at (0,0,0) which corresponds to the center of the inflow surface, as shown below.

Figure 1.
Once the mesh is loaded into AcuConsole, the finer mesh on the inflow surface in the spherical zone can be seen, as shown below.

Figure 2.