Create Points Along a Curve

Use this utility to create a set of points along a curve.

  1. From the Macros menu, click Create Points > Along a Curve.
  2. In the Points panel, select Create points equally spaced along a curve.
  3. Specify the number of points to create.
  4. Specify the desired prefix for the label and variable name.
  5. Enter a value for the number of points used to create the curve fit.
    Note: A minimum number of four points is required to create a curve fit.
  6. Click the Point/Node collectors and select a point/node from the modeling window, or double-click the collectors to display the Model Tree (from which the desired point/node can be selected).
    Note: The number of collectors displayed will match the number input into the Points for curve fit text box.
  7. Click Create Points.