Create Deformable Surfaces from FEM

The Create Deformable Surface From FEM macro enables you to quickly create a matrix of explicit markers to be used in defining a deformable surface.

  1. From the Macros menu, click the Create Deformable Surface From FEM option.
    The Deformable Surface from FEM panel is displayed.
  2. Select a body.
    • Click the Body collector to activate it and select a body in the modeling window.
    • Double-click the Body collector and make your selection in the Model Tree.
  3. Click the System collector to identify the system or container into which the deformable surface will be created.
  4. Select an end type from the drop down menu.
  5. Click the file icon to browse and select the FEM file to be used.
    The macro will create a marker at each node location.
    Important: This macro requires that the FEM model file have a constant number of nodes in each row.
    Note: If the FEM contains a closed surface in any direction, the deformable surface that is created would also be a closed surface.
  6. Enter a value for the maximum number of marker rows and columns.
  7. Click Generate Surface.