Create Curve From Points/Nodes/Edges/Faces

The Create Curve From Points/Nodes/Edges/Faces macro allows you to create curve graphics from a set of selected points or nodes, or extract a curve from an edge/face of a geometry represented through CADGraphics.

The generated curve graphics can be used to setup 2D Rigid to Rigid Contact or Advanced Joints, such as Point to Curve or Curve to Curve Joint.

Create Curve From Points/Nodes

Use the Points/Nodes option in the drop-down menu to create a curve graphic using points or nodes.

Figure 1. Macro to Create Curve Graphic From Points/Nodes
Option Description
System Use the System collector to select the system in which you want to place the curve graphics.
Body Use the Body collector to select the body with which the curve graphics will be associated.
Labels Allows you to input the prefix for curve and the curve graphics that will be automatically created.
Open/Closed curve Allows you to leave the ends of curve open OR generate a closed curve by automatically joining the first and the last point/node.
Point/Node Use the Point/Node collector to select the points/nodes that will be used to generate the curve.

Use the Remove button to remove single/multiple selections of points/nodes from the panel list.

The All , None , and Reverse options are also provided to allow you to quickly select a set of points/nodes from the list already selected in the panel that you would like to remove from the panel.

Create Use the Create button to run this macro and create the curve and the graphics once you are done selecting the points/nodes and providing other details related to the curve.

Create Curve from Edges/Faces

Use the Geometric Edges/Faces option in the drop-down menu to create a curve graphic by picking an edge or face of a geometry represented through a graphic of the type CADGraphics.

Figure 2. Macro to Create Curve Graphic From Edges/Faces
To use this option, Allow CAD feature recognition for picking must be turned ON in Tools > Options > Build Model.

Figure 3. Create a curve graphic from an edge

Figure 4. Create a curve graphic from a series of edges

Figure 5. Create a closed curve graphic from edges forming a face of the geometry