Create Parametric Points

Use the Parametric Points dialog to create a set of points with respect to a reference marker either in Cartesian coordinates or cylindrical coordinates.

  1. From the Macros menu, click Create Points > using coordinates.
    The Parametric Points dialog opens.
  2. Click the System collector to identify the system or container into which the marker will be created.
    The label Model means that the marker will be created in the main model.
  3. Click the Marker collector and select an entity in the modeling window, or double click the button and make your selection from the Model Tree.
  4. Select a coordinate system.
    Note: If you select Cylindrical, specify between degrees and radians.
  5. Define mirrored points.
    1. Check the Create mirror points about marker plane box.
    2. Select a marker plane from the drop-down menu.
    3. Select whether to create a single point or a point pair.
      A point entity, like most of the entities that are created in MotionView, can be a single entity or a pair entity. Pair entities help in creating models which have symmetric properties.
    4. Specify a label suffix and a varname suffix.
  6. Specify a varname prefix for the point(s).
    By default, variables names of entities in MotionView follow a certain convention. For example, all point entities have a variable name starting with “p_”. This is the recommended convention to follow when building models in MotionView since it has many advantages in model editing and model manipulation.
  7. Specify a label prefix.
  8. Enter the amount of points to be created.
  9. Define the point(s).
    • Enter the coordinates for each point.
    • Upload a .csv file containing point coordinates.
  10. Click OK to close the window or Apply to continue creating entities.