Subsystems Toolbar

The Subsystems toolbar provides you quick access to the NLFE Stabar Subsystem, NLFE Helical Spring Subsystem, and Belt-Pulley Subsystem dialogs.

Along with the regular implementation of NLFE Bodies, certain components or sub-systems that are frequently used have been provided in MotionView. With a click of a button and inputting a few broad parameters, these components can be added to a Multi-Body model. The following sub-systems have been provided:
  • NLFE Stabar
  • NLFE Helical Spring
  • Belt-Pulley

Stabar (Stabilizer bar) and Helical Spring can be used in automotive applications for the suspension. Helical springs can also be used in various other applications.

Figure 1. Subsystems Toolbar
Note: This toolbar is not turned on by default.

From the View menu, select Toolbars > MotionView and then click on a toolbar name to turn the display on/off for the selected toolbar.

Left-click the corresponding button on the toolbar to display the dialog for the selected item:
NLFE Stabar Subsystem
NLFE Helical Spring Subsystem
Belt-Pulley Subsystem