Constraint Toolbar

The Constraint toolbar provides you quick access to the Joints, Advanced Joints, Couplers, Motions, Gears, and General Constraints panels.

Figure 1. Constraint Toolbar
Left-click the corresponding button on the toolbar to set the filter for picking items in the graphics area to the currently selected entity/panel only, or right-click to display the Add "Entity" dialog (which is used to add entities to the current model):
Joints Allows you to edit properties, connectivity, orientation rules, and initial conditions for joints.
Motions Allows you to create motions and to edit the initial conditions, displacements, velocities, and acceleration of joints.
Couplers Allows you to edit joint couplers.
Gears Allows you to create a gear entity to relate the motion of two joints.
Advanced Joints Allows you to create a set of joints where points, curves and surfaces stay in contact throughout the simulation.
General Constraints Allows you to create a generic expression based constraint.