Results Toolbar

The Results toolbar provides you quick access to the Contour panel, Iso panel, Vector panel, Tensor panel, Deformed panel, Create/Edit Derived Load Case dialog, Expression Builder dialog, Streamlines panel, Tracking panel, and Query panel.

Figure 1. Results Toolbar
To access the each panel or tab, click the corresponding button on the toolbar:
Button Panel/Dialog/Tab Description
Opens the Contour panel. Define contour options for FEA results.
Opens the Iso panel. View iso values for a selected result type, such as density, stress, or strain values.
Opens the Vector panel. View a vector plot for nodal vector results such as displacements, velocities, and accelerations.
Opens the Tensor panel. View tensor plots of stress and strain directions and magnitudes for various solvers from elemental values.
Opens the Deformed panel. Specify parameters, such as the scale factor, for deformation display for an FEA model.
Opens the Derived Load Cases dialog. Create a derived load case from other load cases, or from a combination of other load cases and simulation steps.
Opens the Expression Builder dialog. Allows user-defined data type expressions to be authored directly within HyperView.
Opens the Streamlines panel. Define multiple line and area rakes, with options to control the number of seeds and the integration mode.
Opens the Tracking panel. Track a component during animation. When a component is tracked, the view remains constant with respect to the selected nodes.
Opens the Query panel. Retrieves properties for nodes, components, elements, and systems.
Opens the Systems Review Dialog dialog. Review the orientations of various element systems (1D, 2D, or 3D), as well as material and ply systems.
Opens the Free Body Diagrams (FBD) utility. Facilitates the extraction and post-processing of Grid Point Force (GPFORCE) results and can be used create and edit Free Body Diagrams (FBD).
Opens the Extract and Linearize utility. Extract contour data or stress data at various points along a path defined on solid elements.
Note: There is no right-click behavior for the icons listed above.