Radioss Interface 2021.2 Release Notes

Radioss Interface

New Features

New Engine Files entity
The Engine Files entity is introduced to support multi-stage Radioss simulations involving multiple engine files.
Entity export deck
This new Model Browser option, available in the context menu of all solver entities, allows you to export a selection of entities and all their references directly to a solver deck.
New Model Clean-Up tool
The new Clean tool on the Validate ribbon is an efficient way to delete automatically all Empty or Unused or Undefined entities from the model, which may be created during model modification operations.


New Keywords
The support of the following new keywords is added:
Updated Keywords
The following keywords have been updated:
Intersections and Penetrations Check tool
The algorithm is improved with following enhancements:
  • No intersections are reported anymore when solid component faces are exactly on the same level, or, when component shell edges lie exactly on a solid component solid face.
  • Previously, for nodes which are common to multiple components (example: T-connections, ribs on plastic parts…) the algorithm was considering the maximum thickness of the connected components for the calculation of the penetrations of those common nodes. This was leading to non-valid penetrations.

    A new option “Re-check component shared nodes“ is added when checking penetrations on a selection of components. This option re-checks the penetrated component pairs having nodes shared by other components in order to filter out the wrong nodal penetrations.

Resolved Issues

  • Reading of STA files for fully integrated brick elements
  • Unused and Empty function is added for Sensor entity.
  • Corrections in the detection of Empty contacts
  • Empty function is added on Loads entity.
  • Dummy or Mechanism Positions are now not listed when checking for unused entities.
  • Application of /TRANSFORM/MATRIX is added.
  • INIVEL keyword is no longer created with default Vz value set to 1.
  • /MAT/B-K-EPS is now exported correctly.
  • /MAT/LAW51 with Iform=2 is now exported correctly.
  • /FUNCT_SMOOTH is now selectable into Load entities.
  • Correct handling of encrypted models when multiple include files are defined with the same encryption key. This is a use case which applies to some Radioss dummy models.

Radioss Interface

Reader Updates

THY File Reader
HyperGraph supports Radioss 2021 global variables in the time history file:
  • Elastic Contact Energy
  • Frictional Contact Energy
  • Damping Contact Energy
Reading New Variables
Updated th.nms1 and th.macro1file to support reading new variables.