Altair HyperStudy 2021.2 Release Notes

New Features

Direct Interface for Altair OptiStruct
OptiStruct model type has been added to allow the use of parametric *.fem files without a pre-processor.
Direct Interface for Altair RADIOSS
RADIOSS model type has been added to allow the use of parametric *.rad files without a pre-processor.
Grouping of Approaches
You can now group approaches into user-defined folders in the study explorer.


New Tutorial
The HS-1660 tutorial has been added to show how to extract hotspots via a HyperView model.
Early Detection of Variable Linked to Itself
Circular reference caused by linking a variable to itself is now detected earlier.
Filtering Outliers Per Response
Prior to this release, outliers were excluded by removing the entire row from the data set. An option has been added to Data Preparation to filter outliers per response.
Multiple Subcase Support in File Assistant
The File assistant now supports data slicing involving more than one subcase. The File assistant can span through a range of subcases.
Visualize Best Designs in Scatter Plot
Previously, visualizing optimal points was only available in Optimization. It is now possible to visualize optimal design point(s) based on user-defined goals in any approach type.
Enhancement in Parallel Coordinate Plots
Like Bubble settings in Scatter Plots, Color, and Size channels have been added to provide additional dimensions for more advanced visual interpretations.
Hint for Predictive Model Quality when Used as Evaluation Engine
When a fit model is used in an evaluation engine, the selected model for each response now denotes the accuracy level, namely the cross-validation r-squared value in the Evaluate From column.
Extracting Additional Responses After Optimization Completed
In Optimization, additional responses can now be added and extracted after evaluations without solver execution.
Support for String Values in Data Report
String type data is now supported in HyperStudy Data (*.data) report generator. This enhancement also leads to proper representation of bad numbers with EXPRESSION_ERROR string intead of -9999.99 value.
Model Files Removed from Installation Package
To reduce the footprint size, the following tutorial model and demo model files are no longer included in the local installation. You can now find zipped tutorial model files and demo model files on Altair One via the Altair Community, Altair Marketplace, and Altair Connect sites. Altair recommends that you create an Altair One account and use it as your primary portal to access product documentation, a Knowledge Base, and customer support.
Tutorial Model Files

Resolved Issues

Fit Spreadsheet report generator no longer fails when discrete variables are used.


  • Support for studies earlier than 13.0 has been deprecated, please contact support if you need to open an older version.
  • As of the 2022 release, support for studies earlier than 14.0 will be deprecated.
  • Knowledge Studio Text report generator is deprecated as Knowledge Studio .xlsx is a superior means to transfer data to Knowledge Studio.
  • HyperStudy Data (*.data) report generator now supports string values.
  • The Report directory <studyDir>/rpt, where report files are generated, has been renamed to <studyDir>/reports.
  • Support for dll-based external optimizers has been deprecated. Python-based external optimizers are recommended.
  • Standard solver arguments without curly braces are no longer supported.
  • Inspire Studio model will be deprecated in the future.