Altair MediaView 2021.2 Release Notes

New Features

Note Creation Workflow (HyperWorks MediaView)
The new note creation workflow in HyperWorks MediaView makes note creation and editing more interactive on the graphics screen. You can move, edit text, and format notes on the screen. With this feature, the previous panel is removed from the HyperWorks MediaView user interface. Image capture and H3D export-related settings are added to the Preferences dialog, which applies to all HyperWorks applications.

Figure 1. HyperWorks MediaView note creation workflow
HyperWorks MediaView preferences are now available in a harmonized dialogue along with other HyperWorks applications. From the menu bar, select File > Preferences to use the same entry point for all HyperWorks applications.

Figure 2. HyperWorks MediaView preferences