Altair Simulation Licensing 2021.2 Release Notes

New Features

Product license features
The following new Altair Simulation 2021.2 applications are available under Altair Units (AUs) licensing:
EDEM BulkSim
EDEM BulkSim is a specialized bulk material flow simulation software for transfer chute design and optimization. EDEM BulkSim 2021 introduces the licensing system utilizing Altair Units. It takes 21 AUs to invoke EDEM BulkSim. The unit draws for a EDEM BulkSim solver run depends on factors such as number of CPU cores used or GPU devices selected. In CPU mode, 40 AUs will be drawn when up to 12 CPU cores are used. When GPU devices are selected, 60 AUs will be drawn from the pool. EDEM BulkSim solver runs stacks on the second instance.
HyperWorks NVH
High Frequency NVH checks out the SeamGUI license feature and draws 50 AUs when this option is selected.
The new license feature, PollExMFG, is added for the PollEx 2021.1 manufacturing options which will draw 30 AUs. The new license features, PollExUDEServer and PollExUDEUser, are added for PollEx UDE. PollEx UDE server is feature-based license server with a fixed annual per socket up to 50 usesrs. Additional checkout for each client access draws 4 AUs.
romAI is a library for the generation of dynamical ROMs (Reduced Order Models). It is based on a novel approach which combines AI and system modeling techniques. The ROM can be created in Compose or Activate using a builder app and the romAI can then be used in Activate. The new license feature, romAI, is added for the romAI library, which can be used by Activate and Compose.
SimSolidAdvanced feature is introduced to support fatigue, incremental non-linear, and batch mode. It draws 50 AUs to check out this feature.
Altair License Manager
Altair Simulation 2021.2 products require Altair License Manager 14.5.1. The License Manager is compatible with previous versions of Altair software.

For more information, reference the Altair Units Licensing section in the Altair Simulation documentation.