Altair HyperCrash 2021.2 Release Notes

Solver Interfaces

Radioss Interface


Radioss Keywords Support
The following Starter keywords have been added or updated per the latest solver version: /EOS/COMPACTION, /FAIL/COCKCROFT, /FAIL/MULLINS_OR, /FAIL/ENERGY, /INTER/TYPE21, /INTER/TYPE25, /MAT/LAW71, /MAT/103, /MAT/LAW106, /RBODY.
The /DT/NODA Engine keyword has been newly introduced or updated as per the latest solver version.
Pre-Simulation settings
Selection of local directory path is added in Dummy pre-simulation settings.

Resolved Issues

  • Comment fields have been corrected in exported deck for /MAT/LAW25.
  • Correction in model export: /EREF/TRETRA4 exported instead of /EREF/TETRA.
  • Correction in model conversion from Radioss to Nastran for exponential values.
  • Correction in Radioss joint creation process.
  • Correction of unit conversion for /MAT/LAW70.