Abaqus Interface 2021.2 Release Notes

Abaqus Interface

New Features

Analytical Rigids
New graphics support to visualize analytical rigid surfaces along with a toolbox to create those surfaces.
Duplicate Names
Duplicate names are now allowed in set entity based on name pool shared between node set, element sets, and set segments.
Contact Surface Mapping
New preference option that allows contact surface to map between shell and solid once the base element attached to the contact surface is deleted.


Auto-Surface Generation for Bolt Pretension
Pretension manager tool is enhanced with the ability to create bolt pretension surface and node using a direction and a base node selection option.
Rigid Body Migration
Rigid body definition is migrated from property entity to an RBODY entity. Additional enhancements are made to reviewing the rigid body.
New Keywords
Enhanced Keywords
*DLOAD with viscous body force (VBF) label
*VISCO with default for STABILIZE
*DISTRIBUTING COUPLING with mass option removed
*MAIN/SECONDARY options instead of MASTER/SLAVE on all relevant keywords
Contact Browser
Added clearance column to the middle window of the Contact Browser.

Resolved Issues

  • BOUNDARY with FIXED was not exporting properly and the issue is fixed.
  • An issue with property and material not retaining color from HM comments is addressed.
  • Improper import of DLOAD with TRVEC is fixed.
  • Review of surface in pretension manager was causing application error.
  • CONTACT STABILIZATION keyword was causing segmentation error and the issue is addressed.
  • Apply quote rules for *DISTRIBUTION had issues with export.
  • Application error when using Abaqus parts and instances based module ID manager is resolved.
  • Swapping contact pair to general contact did not convert surface interaction property.
  • When Abaqus Aerospace profile is invoked, it was causing application error.
  • Cleaned-up issues with quotes on names for *PSD and *CORRELATION keywords.
  • Entity Editor for Tie/Contact pair was not showing all card images and the issue is resolved.