OptiStruct Interface 2021.2 Release Notes

OptiStruct Interface

New Features

Darcy flow analysis
  • New bulk cards to define Nodal Pressure (SPCP) and Inlet velocity (INLTVEL)
  • Supported as new load management from the Solver Browser
String-based input
Labels export support extended for set (Elem, Grid), set segment (SURF) entities and their corresponding references
OptiStruct Auto contact
  • CONTACT bulk card enhancement to allow OptiStruct auto contact definition
  • Supported related continuation lines
Shear and Volumetric test data for viscoelasticity
Shear and Volumetric test data are supported for viscoelasticity (MATVE) and frequency domain viscoelasticity (MATFVE). For both entries, the MODEL field can be set to:
  • RTEST: Provides Shear and Volumetric test data for Relaxation
  • CTEST: Provides Shear and Volumetric test data for Creep
Nonlinear analysis enhancements
  • Pressure-overclosure relationship can be specified through TABLEG/TABLES1 and defined in PCONT.
  • Threaded bolts can be defined as part of a CONTACT interface by setting the CLEARANCE field to reference a CLRNC bulk data entry.
  • Max stress criteria with FT=STRS is now available for PCOMP(G) and PCOMPP.
  • Hyperfoam material type is supported with TYPE=FOAM in the MATHE bulk data entry.
Optimization enhancements
The following responses are available for Flow-based Forced Convection Topology Optimization:
  • Global Thermal Compliance (RTYPE=TCOMP)
  • Grid Temperature (RTYPE=TEMP)
  • Nodal Flow Pressure (RTYPE=FLOWPRES)


General enhancements
  • Default solver card list for entities from Model and Solver Browser
  • HMSET comments added for ordered/non-ordered sets on export
  • MOTNJG subcase selection in linear static subcase
  • Ignore export solver cards for empty entities such as Set, Set segment
  • Read DMIG card if header entry is defined after column entry
  • RBE2 to RBE3 config change to allow DOF update appropriately

Resolved Issues

  • NSM defined for solid elements are honored in mass calculation
  • DVPRELi creation issue from Entity Editor
  • Exporting HM comments for convection card in large field format results in HM hang
  • Plane strain element export with incorrect theta values

OptiStruct Interface

Reader Updates

  • CNTF file reading is supported.
  • When running topology optimization, mass, volume, volume fraction, and compliance are reported per iteration. HyperGraph provided reader support to extract these values on an iteration-by-iteration basis.