Graphics Layout Size

This menu provides a way of easily setting the graphics layout sizes for use during Flipbook and Keyframe animation creation.

This is important because many animation players do not support odd image sizes. For example, whereas a 640x480 pixel MPEG will be playable on most platforms, the default AcuFieldView graphics window dimensions can cause problems with some MPEG players. Some MPEG viewers will not display images larger than 640x480 pixels. Others will not display images with dimensions that are not evenly divisible by 16. Therefore, a simple way to adjust the graphics layout size is provided. The drop-down list offers several standard image sizes. Choosing one of these predefined sizes causes the graphics window to be resized. This will override the layout size previously set using the command line switch -size=widthxheight, if used during AcuFieldView start-up. The layout size can still be changed manually by grabbing the window border with the left mouse button and dragging or by using the SIZE script command.

Selecting the default choice or starting AcuFieldView with no -size argument will size the modeling window to its default size. This size will depend on your monitor and resolution setting. This default window size can cause problems for some external media players. If the Flipbook panel is opened, you will be issued a warning.

Any images created using the print menu or animations created during Flipbook Build Mode or Keyframe Animation will be the same size as that of the modeling window.