The Export action causes the information from the current surface or rake of only the current dataset to be output to a file.

When you click Export, you will be presented with a file selector so that an output file may be given. If the selected file name already exists, you will be given the option of over-writing the file or canceling.

Upon file name selection, the numerical information for the current surface or rake will be output to the file. The variables that are output are the variables currently loaded in the scalar, vector and threshold function registers. The iso-surface register will not be output.

Surface plots cannot be exported. If two or more of these registers contain the same variable, that variable will only be written out once. Only streamline rake and 2D plot export files can be read back into AcuFieldView using particle paths import and 2D plot import.

Export will generate appropriate error messages if the current panel does not support the export action, or if the current surface or rake on the current panel is not visible.

If the 2D Plot panel is the current panel when you select Export from the Tools menu, it will act as if you had clicked Export on the 2D Plot panel.