Load Data into AcuFieldView

AcuSolve results can be loaded into AcuFieldView using two different methods.

The first method relies on directly reading the simulation results from the AcuSolve Database ( AcuSolve [Direct Reader]) and the second method relies on reading a FV-UNS file that was written by AcuTrans ( AcuSolve [FV-UNS Export]).

The AcuSolve Direct Reader provides a convenient mechanism for visualizing results quickly without the need to convert the data. Reading data through FV-UNS format which can provide more flexibility and can have significant performance benefits as well. For example, when dealing with data that you intend to read into AcuFieldView multiple times to visualize, the conversion to FV-UNS format and generation of DataGuide files is beneficial. The read time of the data is significantly faster through FV-UNS format when associated DataGuide files are present compared to the direct reader. Additionally, if you intend to make multiple animations from a single dataset the FV-UNS format can save significant amounts of time when reading the transient data set.