Restart Files

Due to the complexity involved in the formulas for some of the tutorials, formula restart files have been provided to you and should be used when instructed during the tutorials.

These restart files contain the names and the mathematical formulation of the equations used. The following formula restart files have been provided in the appropriate tutorial directory containing the data: bio.frm, polymer.frm and chem.frm.
Note: To avoid undue complexity of the formulas, their terms and factors have been created through intermediate steps. This "populates" the Function Selection panel with many more formulas than used for a given tutorial.

In addition to the formula restarts files mentioned above, a coordinate surface restart file has been provided to enable you to more easily create the complicated views of the static mixer in the polymer processing tutorial. This restart is called polymer.crd and can be used to recreate the images with the six coordinate surfaces which have been surface transformed away from the dataset.