AcuFieldView User Interface

A unified graphical user interface (GUI) is used for all platforms that are supported by AcuFieldView.

The interface allows you to quickly and easily access visualization tools and properties. The GUI consists of menu bars as well as several toolbars. The toolbars contain icons that either perform operations themselves or open interface panels. Highlights of this interface include:
  • Dockable toolbars for customized GUI layout
  • Multiple ways to access common functionality and panels
  • Automatically saved preferences for the main window size and location of all panels
  • Interface initially starts up at full screen resolution

The AcuFieldView interface is designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1,280 by 1,024 pixels. However, some laptop and projector displays have a shorter vertical resolution. Also, it is possible on some Windows systems to decrease the available vertical resolution through the use of a custom DPI setting to make system fonts easier to read. For these reasons, AcuFieldView makes the tallest panels "scrollable" if it determines, at start up, that they are too tall for the available screen space. The minimum vertical resolution for scrollable panels is 700 pixels.