Mouse Controls

The mouse controls available on the Viewer toolbar allow you to easily manipulate the view of your data.

Interactive Mouse Control

Once an Object and Action are selected, you must move the cursor into the modeling window and hold down the appropriate mouse key to initiate the transform action. While the mouse key is depressed, the cursor will disappear. After the mouse button is released, the cursor will reappear in its original location. Only one mouse button can be active at a time. The mouse icon area shows the appropriate pictograms depending upon the action selection and the current object. Depressing a mouse button will highlight the active selection. Releasing the mouse button will unhighlight the current action.


The Detach button can be used to isolate the current region or surface from the transform hierarchy. This means that once a region/surface is detached, it is no longer affected by subsequent World, Region or Dataset transformations. Regions are not affected by World, Dataset or Surface transforms and Surfaces are not affected by World, Dataset or Region transforms. Neither Region nor Surface are affected by a Center command.

Note: You must detach the region/surface first, then transform it with a region/surface transform. The act of detaching the surface drops all interactive transforms. That is, if you have any dataset transforms or region transforms these will be undone. This may cause the region/surface to transform unexpectedly.

In order to access the model relative transforms, the current Object must be Dataset and the Viewer Options panel must have the Model Relative button on, not the Screen Relative button.