Locked Transforms

Locked transforms are enabled by clicking on the left-most button on the Viewer toolbar.

With locked transforms enabled, there are two different modes of interaction with the right mouse button. By default, this toolbar comes up with the right mouse icon active. In this mode, the right mouse button can be used to move the current Object in an interactive mode. This is different than the default interactive mode. Mouse behavior is controlled by the state of Running Mouse as described previously. When the Viewer toolbar is in the locked transform mode, you can only transform in one axis at a time. That is, you can translate up and down by holding down the right mouse button in the modeling window and moving it, but to translate left or right, a different pair of translation buttons needs to be activated. The axes around which the transforms take place are in screen space (the default). If the current Object is Dataset and the Model Relative option is selected on the Viewer Options panel, then the axes are the dataset (or model) axes.