View Menu

The View menu provides access to viewing, transforming and rendering controls. The menu also gives you options to adjust the views in AcuFieldView in many different ways.

Some of the items in this menu open separate panels with further controls and choices. These items are indicated by the ellipses after the name, for example, Defined. Others are merely checked on or off, for example, Axis Markers. Still others perform operations or turn on special mouse operations, for example, Center or Set Center of Rotation.

The single action options on this menu include:
  • Refresh, also accessible from the Transform Controls toolbar, lets you refresh the modeling window at any time.
  • ZoomBox, also available from the Side toolbar, changes the operation of the mouse to a rubber box, letting you left-click and drag to zoom into any part of your modeling window. The Undo Zoom reverts the most recent Zoom action.
  • Center, also available from the Transform Controls toolbar, automatically centers the contents of the current window.

    When you click either Set Center of View or Set Center of Rotation, you should see your cursor change to a cross-hair. At this point you need to make a selection in the current modeling window by holding the Ctrl key and clicking with the left mouse button M1. When this action is complete the Defined Views panel opens. From this panel it is possible to make further changes to the Center of View or the Center of Rotation by using the icons on that panel.

    Locked Transforms lets you toggle the mouse transform to change to the locked transform actions.

    Repeat works when the state of Locked Transforms is active and the right mouse button icon on the Locked Transforms toolbar is deselected. With the repeat button turned on, clicking on any one of the Locked Transform actions cause that action to repeat until the repeat button is turned off again. Selecting a Locked Transform transformation means that your modeling window contents will continue to rotate/translate until repeat is turned off. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use Repeat in conjunction with Locked Transform transformations.

    Other options in the View menu include:

  • Running Mouse lets you toggle its state on or off. Running mouse control is also accessible on the Viewer Options panel.
  • Axis Markers lets you toggle their state of visibility. This option can also be accessed from the Viewer Options panel.
  • Perspective lets you toggle perspective on or off. To change the perspective angle, you need to open the Viewer Options panel, where you can also turn the state of perspective on or off.
  • Outline lets you toggle the state of the outline either on or off. The outline state can also be controlled from the Viewer toolbar and the Viewer Options panel.
  • Presentation Quality lets you toggle its state. By default this is off. This option can also be set by navigating to the Rendering Options panel.
  • Quick Transparency can be toggled on or off. The current default is to use high quality transparency.
  • Anti-aliasing can be toggled on or off. Anti-aliasing is on by default.