HM-3540: Change a Profile

In this tutorial, you will use map to sections to change the profile of the car roof.

This exercise uses the file, which can be found in the file. Copy the file(s) from this directory to your working directory.

Figure 1.

Open the Model File

In this step, you will open the model file,

  1. Start HyperMesh Desktop.
  2. From the menu bar, click File > Open > Model and select

Morph the Roof

In this step you will morph the roof.

  1. Click Morphing > Map to Geometry to access the Map to geom panel.
  2. Change the mapping section type to map to sections.
  3. Under map to sections, toggle lines to line list.
  4. Switch map domains to map elements (2nd column).
  5. Toggle no fixed nodes to fixed nodes (2nd column).
  6. Keep blend all option selected.
  7. Keep rotate nodes active.
  8. Keep the 3rd column selector set to map by line normal.
  9. Click first line list button and select Line A and Line B on the model.
  10. Under to: click the second line list button and select Line A' and Line B' on the model. Lines should be selected in the same order.
  11. Under map to elements click the elems button and select elements by collector.
  12. Pick collector Roof. This may be located on the second page of collectors.
  13. Click select.
  14. Click the XZ Right Plane View () icon to set the view.
  15. For fixed nodes use Shift + left mouse button to select all the nodes as shown in the following image.

    Figure 2.
  16. Click map.
    The roof of the car has been morphed while the mesh quality has been maintained.