Mesh Size Type

The Mesh size type for Global Mesh Attributes can be Absolute, Relative, Absolute Expression, Relative Expression, Absolute Anisotropic or Relative Anisotropic.

Absolute mesh size is the size defined in the unit system of the model. When specifying relative mesh size, the actual mesh size is calculated by multiplying the length of the largest edge of the coordinate-aligned bounding box of the model by the given relative value. For example, if the bounding box of the model in x, y and z directions is 1, 5 and 10 meters. Then a relative value of 0.1 would mean that the mesh size will be 0.1 * 10m, which is equal to 1m.
Note: The largest maximum mesh size used by the mesh generator is equal to 1/8th of the largest edge of the model bounding box.