Load Case View

The Load Case View is a hierarchical listing of all available load cases and simulations.

Figure 1.
Note: The current load case and simulation are shown in bold.

You can create a new derived load case by using the browser context menu. If you create a derived load case the currently selected load cases and/or simulations will automatically be added to it.

Once a derived load case is created you can rename it by using the Rename option in the browser context menu.

You can also add simulations and/or load cases using the drag & drop method. Select the load case/simulation you want to add, left click and hold, move the mouse pointer over the derived load case (or any of its simulations), and release. The selected load case/simulation is added.

You can change the scale factor on the simulations by selecting the simulation and right-clicking in the scale factor column.

Derived load cases can also be deleted by using the Delete option in context menu.