Suspect Items

An item is marked suspect when changes in the model result in the settings of an item becoming unresolved or invalid.

A suspect item is indicated by a icon in the model tree or details tree. Move the mouse cursor over the icon to view the tooltip and the reason why it is marked suspect.

Figure 1. An example of a suspect item and its tooltip in the model tree.
Examples of situations where items can become suspect;
  • If a lossy conducting surface is set on a face bordered by free space and one of the bordering regions is set to PEC, the unsupported metallic is removed. The face is marked “suspect” and its medium displayed as PEC in the details tree.
  • If a port becomes invalid due to a change in the model, the port is marked “suspect”.
Note: Resolve all suspect items before launching the Solver or OPTFEKO. The loss of properties on the model geometry may change the electromagnetic problem description and impact the computed results.
Tip: Remove the suspect icon by ensuring that the properties on the item are correct. From the right-click context menu select Set not suspect.