Files Generated by CADFEKO

View the files associated and generated by CADFEKO.

Table 1. Files generated by CADFEKO
Argument Description
.cfx Contains the unmeshed CADFEKO model as well as the calculation requests. If an optimisation was run, a model will be created with the optimum values with a _optimum suffix.

Contains information regarding the mesh of the CADFEKO model.

.cfs Contains the CADFEKO workspace, for example, views and cut planes.
.pre A .pre file is created when the CADFEKO model is saved.
.fek CADFEKO creates the .fek and contains the geometry of the CADFEKO model. Open this file in POSTFEKO to view the geometry and the calculation requests (for example, the near field request points are displayed if a near field calculation was requested).
.opt A .opt file is created when optimisation settings have been defined for the CADFEKO model.
.pfg Contains the relevant information used during optimisation (in conjunction with the .pre and .cfx files) during optimisation.