Hide and View Overlaid Plots

You can hide and view the overlaid plots.

You can hide and view a plot displayed in the plot area using the beside the plot name in the Overlay panel. This hides the plot from the plot view and the plot details in the legend.

Another option to hide and view a plot is by clicking the plot file name in the legend. In this case, the plot is hidden from the plot view and is grayed out in the legend.

You can also hide and view a particular curve in a plot from its legend.

  1. In the overlay panel, click beside the plot file name that you wish to hide.
    The plot and its legend details are hidden. The plot file icon changes to as shown:

    Figure 1. Plot Hidden
    Tip: The hidden plot file icon tool tip changes to View.
  2. To view the hidden plot, click of the hidden plot file.
    The hidden plot along with its legend is visible in the plot area as shown:

    Figure 2. Viewing the hidden plot