What's New

New features available in Altair Access™ Web.

Altair Grid Engine (Limited Availability)

Access Web now supports the Altair Grid Engine (AGE) workload manager. All features of Access Web which are available for PBS Professional are also available for AGE.

Support for PBS Professional with Windows Compute Nodes

Access Web supports clusters where PBS Professional server is on Linux and compute nodes are on Windows.

Python 3

Access Web now uses Python 3. This requires application definitions to be compatible with Python 3.

Note: Python usage in application definitions is usually minimal and straightforward. Validate the updated application definitions before using it.

Java 11

Access Web now supports Java 11.

Job Enhancements

Now the job folder name matches the job and its workflow. The result folder of the job is now based on the job name instead of epoch time.

External File Viewer

Access Web provides an option to add your own file viewer to view the contents of the file and to perform other file related operations.