Modify a Template After Plot

View and modify plot parameters after plotting a result file.

  1. Click on the plot view.
    The plot TOC is displayed with the applied template.
    Figure 1. Plot TOC

  2. Modify the plotting parameters of the template.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • Click Save, the template is updated with the updated parameters.
    • Click Set Template as Default, to set the template as a default template.
      Note: If a default template is set for a result file then RVS will display the plot result directly. If the set default template doesn't match the result file, the Plot TOC is displayed with a message to select another valid template.
    • Click Save As, to create a new plot template.
  4. Click Plot to view the changes in the plot result.
    Tip: Click to clear the Y-axis selections.