Create a Plot from a Template

Create a plot using a template with the pre-populated parameters.

If you wish to view multiple plot result files using the same plotting parameters, streamline the process by creating a template to pre-populate the plot parameters.

RVS validates the selected template based on the plot parameters for the selected plot result file. If an invalid template is selected, you will see a message to select a valid template.

If a valid template is set as default for the selected result file then you will be directed to the plot view. Click to view and modify the plot parameters of the default template.

  1. Right-click a plot file and then click Open With > Plot TOC.

    Figure 1. Plot TOC Menu
    The plot Table of Contents (TOC) is displayed.
  2. Select a template from the left pane.
    The pre-populated plot parameters are displayed in the right pane.

    Figure 2. Select Template
  3. Click Plot to view the plot result for the selected template.
  4. Optional: Choose one of the following:
    • Click Set Template as Default to set this template as a default template.
    • Click Save to update the plot template.
    • Click Save As to create a new plot template.