Adjust the Plot View

The Zoom in and Zoom out buttons enable you to adjust and view the details of a plot.

You can adjust the view of a plot using the Zoom buttons and by dragging the mouse pointer on the required plot area.
  1. Click to Zoom in to the plot view details.
    The plot view is adjusted and brings the plot view larger and closer.

    Figure 1. The Zoom in Plot View
  2. To zoom into a particular plot area, drag and select the plot area using the mouse pointer.

    Figure 2. The Zoom in Particular Plot Area

    The plot view is adjusted and displays only the selected plot area.

  3. Click to Zoom out the plot view.
    The plot view is adjusted for every zoom out.

    Figure 3. The Zoom out Plot View
    Tip: Double-click using your mouse pointer on the plot area to go back to the original view.