Save a Plot

You can save the plot you generated with the data as a .rvs file.

When you save your plot as a .rvs file, the curves you generated are saved. When you open the plot file again, the saved curves are displayed.
  1. In the plot view, click .
    The Save Plot dialog box is displayed.

    Figure 1. Save Plot
  2. Enter a Name for your plot.
    Note: By default, the selected result file name is saved with .rvs extension in the current job directory.
  3. Optional: To modify the location, click to connect to the remote file browser and select a new location.
    Tip: Click Reset to current directory to select the current job directory.
  4. Click Save.
    If another file exists with the same name, a confirmation message is displayed. Select Yes to overwrite and No to enter a new name.
    Tip: You can open your saved plot to compare it with another plot using the overlay feature.