Take a Node Offline

Remove a node from the scheduling pool by taking it offline.

Drill-down to get detailed information about the HPC cluster's nodes or nodes attached to a queue.

Nodes that are taken offline will not accept and run jobs. Jobs that are currently running on the node continue to run until completion.

Only an entire host/node can be taken offline which takes all vnodes offline. Presently, individual vnodes cannot be taken offline.

  1. Choose one of the following options to select nodes:
    • Select multiple nodes by enabling the selection checkbox next to the nodes and clicking Actions.
    • Select a single node by clicking Click the down arrow next to the state of the node.
    • Select all nodes on the current page by clicking the Select All checkbox and clicking Actions.
    Tip: Perform a node search to filter nodes and then use the Select All checkbox to select all the nodes on the current page matching the search criteria. Click the reset link to deselect all nodes.

    Use Select All Checkbox
    Figure 1. Use Select All Checkbox
    As nodes are selected, the total number of selected nodes is displayed.
  2. Click Offline.