Add Nodes

Specify hostname to add nodes. You can use patterns to add multiple nodes as a bulk action.

Open the node management page and add multiple nodes by specifying patterns.
  1. To open the preview release UI of the node management page, replace pc with ac in the in the address bar. For example, if Control is available at the address to
  2. Click Manage. If multiple clusters are registered, they are listed in the Manage menu.
  3. Select a cluster from the list in the Manage menu.
  4. Click Nodes to open the Node Management Page.
  5. Click Add Nodes.
  6. Define patterns to add nodes for bulk operations.

    For entering multiple hosts, brace expansion is supported.

    1. my-hostname
    2. my-hostname {01..12}
    3. my-hostname {a..z}

    node{a..b}{1..12} will create:

    nodea1, nodea2, nodea3...nodea12

    nodea12 nodeb1, nodeb2, nodeb3...nodeb12

    Figure 1. Add Multiple Nodes Using Patterns
  7. Preview the list in the Results.
  8. Click Submit.