Engine Keyword Only small displacement effects will be considered with this option.




  1. This option has been implemented for the applications where the large displacement effects are negligible. As most of the computation has been carried out in the initial configuration with the linear elements (if no material and other geometrical nonlinearities), the convergence is much easier; therefore good performance is obtained.

    This option could be used also as a preliminary analysis and model checking.

  2. To have a better performance, general solvers (Isolver = 3,1) is recommended for low nonlinear problems, and mixed solver (Isolver = 5) is preferred for middle or high nonlinear applications.

    For dynamic implicit with small displacement option, when general solvers have been used, constant time step will be taken for the performance reason.

  3. This option is not compatible with /IMPL/SPRING/LINEAR and /IMPL/DT/3.