Reference Metric

This option can be used to inflate an airbag instead of simulating the real unfolding which is difficult numerically. A jetting effect can be added in order to set a preferential direction for the unfolding.

An initial State (airbag geometry input by the user in the initial deck D00) is given.

Reference Metric is a reference state with no strains. This state is defined from a file containing the nodal coordinates, the connectivities of the airbag being the same as in the Initial State. The format of this file is the same as the format of Nodal Coordinates of a Radioss Starter input. The file is read according to /XREF keyword of a Radioss Starter input deck. The default name is RunNameRS0.

The Reference Metric method consists in the calculation for the Initial State of the initial strains, stresses and energy.

Compatible with:
  • 4-node shells
  • 3-node shells
  • large strain option
  • small strain option
  • material LAW1
  • material LAW19

図 1. Reference Metric Schema