Output the surface mesh values in the exported file.


OutSrfMeshValues( cmdPath, par, modelPath,
                            indxPar, meshPath, usrIds = None )


cmdPath (string)
The path of the model command.
par (string)
The mesh value parameter name.
modelPath (string)
The path of the model.
indxPar (string)
Index parameter name.
meshPath (string)
The path of the mesh.
usrIds (array)
The value of the user IDs.

Return Value



  • The cmdPath must exist in the data base.
  • The modelPath must exist in the data base.
  • The meshPath must exist in the data base.


This routine outputs the surface mesh values read from cmdPath, modelPath and meshPath in the exported file. For example,
modelSrf = ROOT + RS + 'Model' + RS + 'Surfaces'
nodeSur = meshSrf + RS + meshName
nodeCbc = modelSrf + RS + modelName + RS + 'SIMPLE_BOUNDARY_CONDITION'
mshValPars = ["nodal_x_modes","nodal_y_modes","nodal_z_modes"]
for par in mshValPars:
    OutSrfMeshValues(cmdPath = nodeCbc,
              par = par,
              modelPath = modelSrf + RS + modelName,
              indxPar = "cnnNodes",
              meshPath = nodeSur )