MenuSpace ()

Display a space menu in the AcuDialog window.


menuVal = MenuSpace( name = None, show = None )


name (string)
Label of the menu. This is displayed on the left.
show (string)
The conditional show statement which will be evaluated to determine if this menu should be shown or not.

Return Value

menuVal (list)
A list filled with all the information about this menu including type of the menu, name and show.


The show statement should be a logical correct conditional expression.


This routine places a space menu in the AcuDialog window. The menu contains a label given by the name. This menu will place an empty row in the dialog. The show statement is a conditional expression which starts with values word and evaluates any member in the values list. The values is a list includes all the previous menu's values. For example, if the current menu is the fourth menu in the dialog, the values includes values of the first three menus.

For example,
mnuSpace = AcuDialog.MenuSpace( name = 'epmty row',
                                          show = 'values[2] != "Acusim" )

This menu is shown only if the value of the third menu in AcuDialog is not equal to Acusim.