Defining the Initial Conditions of an Analysis

The Initial Conditions tab on the Analysis panel enables you to specify initial conditions for analyses.

  1. From the Project Browser, select an analysis
    The Analysis panel is automatically displayed.
  2. Select the Initial Conditions tab.
  3. Enter values in the x, y, and z directions to set the initial translational and rotational velocity of all bodies in the analysis.

    The check box to the left of each initial condition indicates whether the initial condition is to be applied. When the check box is on, the solver default is used.

    Initial conditions can be applied to any analysis in the model. The initial conditions applied to an analysis are automatically applied to its sub-analyses. If the initial conditions of sub-analyses are set separately, the settings override those of the system above it. Each initial setting that is overridden by a sub-analysis is listed on the right side of the parent analysis’ Initial Conditions tab.