Export an Inline Analysis

Analyses can be individually exported to an .mdl file by clicking the Import/Export tab on the panel. You can export the entire analysis, including the topology information to the file, or you can export only the model properties for reading into another model. Only inline analyses can be exported to a definition file.

  1. From the Project Browser, select the inline analysis to save.
    TheAnalysis panel is automatically displayed.
  2. Click the Import/Export tab.
  3. Select the Export radio button.
  4. Click the file browser icon.
    The Export system definition file browser is displayed.
  5. Select a path and file name and click Save.
    The system is exported.
  • Re-export to the same file without opening the browser by clicking Quick Export.
  • Use the Export topology as: drop-down menu to specify entity definition statements and definition blocks (that define systems, datasets, templates, etc.).
  • The Property Data options refers to *Set statements that assign values to the entity.