Add and Configure Tools in a Forming Operation

Select from a variety of tools to include in a forming operation.

A default set of tools is present for each tryout forming operation. Additional tools are available in the Tools window. You can add tools to any tool set and configure them to customize a forming process.
  1. From the Tryout ribbon, select a forming operation that you've added to your analysis.

    Figure 1. Example Operation
    The default tools appear for the operation.
  2. Next to the default tools, click the Add Tool button.
  3. From the Add Tool dialog that appears, double-click the tools that you want to add to your forming operation. Once added, the tools are displayed on the Tryout ribbon where you can select and configure them for a given forming operation.
    Once you add a tool to a forming operation, a user symbol is displayed indicating that a modification has been made to the default tool set.
  4. To configure a tool that you've added to your model, from the Tryout ribbon, select the tool, then enter the required information in the microdialogs.