AM Card

This card uses model solution coefficients to define an impressed current source. The data is read from a .sol file or from a previous AM card.

On the Source/Load tab, in the Equivalent sources group, click the  Solution coefficient source (AM) icon.

Figure 1. The AM- Define a solution coefficient source dialog.
A .sol file is created by the Solver when an MD card is requested.


New source
A new excitation is defined which replaces all previously defined excitations.
Add to sources
A new excitation is defined which is added to the previously defined excitations.
Load data from file
Read the model solution coefficients from a .sol XML file that is calculated by Feko. The model solution coefficients are requested with an MD card.
Use data defined at previous AM card
When using multiple AM cards where the model solution coefficients are identical, it is allowed to load the data just once and at subsequent AM cards to check this option. The last defined model solution coefficients will be used and memory can be saved (no need to store it again). Note that it is still possible to set the position, orientation as well as amplitude and phase individually of the impressed current source.
Magnitude scale factor
This parameter is used to scale the magnitude of the current values by a constant value.
Phase offset (degrees)
This parameter specifies a constant additional phase for current values in degrees.
Position (coordinate)
In this group, the X, Y and Z coordinates of the impressed current source are entered. These values are affected by the scale factor of the SF card if used.
Rotation about the axes
In this group, the angles with which the impressed current source is rotated around the X, Y and Z axes, are entered in degrees.
File name
The name of the .sol input file.
Use all data blocks
Use the data from all frequency blocks in the .sol file.
Use only specified data block number
Use the data from the nth frequency block in the .sol file.