Create a hollowed-out shell from one or more solid objects.

This tool removes one or more faces and thickens the remaining faces.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Modify tab.
  2. Click the Shelling icon.

  3. Click the face, and then drag the arrow to set the thickness.
  4. Optional: To modify the shell thickness, in the guide bar, enter a Global thickness.
  5. Optional: To invert the shelling direction, in the guide bar, click the invert icon.
  6. Optional: To round the edges of the shelling object, in the control panel, click Rounded Corners
    Note: Concave vertices are not rounded.
  7. Optional: To set a custom thickness on a face or multiple faces, in the guide bar, click Custom Mode, and then do the following:
    • Tangent and single selection.
    • Click a face, and then enter a Custom value for the thickness.
      Tip: To select multiple faces, hold down Ctrl while clicking.
    • To edit all faces with the same thickness, click a face, and then click Select all custom with same value.
    • Select all custom faces with same value.
    • To reset a custom face, click the face, and then click Custom face(s).
    • To reset all changes, in the control panel, click Reset to Global Thickness.
  8. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.