Read as Steady State

Use the Read as Steady State tool to determine whether a data set should be treated as steady or transient.

When active, AcuFieldView will load a specific time step of a multiple time step dataset, as selected by you, then treat it as static data. This feature is added to provide consistent behavior between the FV-UNS data import route and the AcuSolve direct reader import route. When reading FV-UNS files AcuFieldView checks for sequences in the file name, then prompts you to indicate whether the data is steady or transient. The Read as Steady State tool provides this same functionality for the AcuSolve direct reader.
Note: This option has implications for particle path display behavior as well as the availability of special annotation strings, such as Time=%%T or Time Step=%%N. The dataset needs to be read as transient, with the Read as Steady State option turned off, to restore the behavior of the direct reader to that of releases prior to Version 13.0.